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     德尔实业(深圳)有限公司是AMERICAN KAOFL CORP.(美国ag8亚游集团公司)在亚太地区授权的独家运营商,全权负责“ KAOFLag8亚游集团”品牌的研发、生产、销售和售后服务。依托自身完善的的生产管理体系和行业RO反渗透、超滤膜、活性炭等深度净水技术,针对中国水质现状,提出中央软水,末端净水的技术解决方案,并先后研发出搭载这一技术理念的全屋系列净水产品。



Del industries (shenzhen) co., ltd. is the exclusive operator ized by AMERICAN KAOFL corp. in the asia-pacific region, and is fully responsible for the r&d, production, sales and after-sales service of the brand "KAOFL kafil".Based on AMERICAN KAOFL CORP. 's deep water purification technology and advanced production and management experience, the technical solutions of central soft water and terminal water purification were innovatively proposed for the current water quality in China, and a series of whole-house water purification products were developed successively with this technical concept.

KAOFL is committed to the in-depth purification of the drinking water to ensure the health of the drinking water, and the implementation of KAOFL's concept of deep purification of the healthy drinking water.Along with the rapid economic development, China's consumption level and consumption concept are constantly improving, and the water purification industry is also undergoing a quiet revolution.The high quality of the whole house deep water has also become the "health guardians" of those successful people with high taste, high quality, high pursuit and strong health awareness.

At present, KAOFL guarantees the health of drinking water for many families in China, which is deeply favored by the majority of users.KAOFL, you are trustworthy!



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